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JLR paid $50 for a haircut, Snitz went on a road trip, dosing kids with melatonin, and more!

Going to rehab for a cheese addiction, video of P. Diddy abusing Cassie surfaces, and much more!

A woman had to go to rehab for her cheese addiction. Jeffrey went to the Rock Hall for a daddy daughter day. Video has surfaced showing Diddy assaulting Cassie. Mental health awareness is what is causing more people to be in therapy. A woman was arrested for pulling down a nineteen-year-old girl's skirt.

Duji made out with Gary Coleman, Krystle got her skin cancer results, a new scandal at GMA, and more!

The crew on the ship that hit the Baltimore bridge are still onboard the vessel. Who would Jeffrey try to attack if he saw them walking down the street, Duji or Krystle? People are upset by a line in one of Billie Eilish's latest songs. Did Krystle get the results of her skin cancer test? Duji once made out with Gary Coleman. There is a new scandal at Good Morning America. A woman was in shock when a man excreted a substance onto her while shopping at Whole Foods. Rover was eavesdropping on a couple women talking about Harrison Butker.

Duji is going on a trip with Rover's mom, letting a spouse go to a prostitute, and much more!

A woman took to social media to complain that Firefox would not restore her last browser session with over seven thousand open tabs. How many tabs does the show leave open on their phones? Duji is going to a cabin with Rover's family. A sex worker claims half of her clients are married. Rover would let B2 go to a male prostitute. What would you do if your spouse violently hit your animal? Video of the Amazon warehouse shooting in Ohio. Netflix will be streaming a couple NFL games. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner talks about the 25th anniversary of an awful tragedy.  

Woman flashes video portal, a professor caught recording upskirt shots, and much more!

Video portal connected to Dublin gets shut down after people were seen sharing inappropriate images and gestures. A teenage girl has been expelled from high school for livestreaming a fight. Does Gisele Bündchen make more money than Tom Brady? Caitlin Clark made her first WNBA debut against Connecticut Sun. A professor was caught at a festival recording up women's skirts. Internet sleuths still do not believe the pastor's wife committed suicide. Kansas City Chiefs player, Harrison Butker, gave a controversial speech at a Benedictine College's graduation.

Charlie was burgled, OnlyFans model Jordin joins the show, getting electrocuted, and more!

The sink-less sink causes problems once again. A blind influencer was kicked out of a restaurant for having his service dog with him. An Oklahoma teenager was electrified after his necklace was caught next to a wall outlet. Charlie was zapped not once but twice by an extension cord. Video of a woman in Pennsylvania jaywalking and getting hit by a car. Protestors at Princeton are on are on a hunger strike. OnlyFans model who got a cop fired joined the show. Charlie was burgled. 

JLR's roadtrip to D.C., Charlie touched a baby bird, OnlyFans model gets cop fired, and more!

How was Jeffrey's road trip to D.C.? Could you recognize the audio intro to different streaming services? An OnlyFans model got a police officer fired for his appearance in a skit she performed. Chatbots that simulate people who have passed away could have psychological effects. San Fransico is handing out alcohol to the homeless. Shaunie Henderson, of Basketball Wives, says a quote in her memoir has been taken out of context. Whale alphabet. Charlie touched a baby bird and it jumped from the nest. A man has filed a lawsuit over his personalized plate request. 

Jeffrey gives the details about his dentist appointment, eunuch making website, and much more!

Leaving stuff on top of your car. Restaurant in North Carolina posts photos of a woman's credit card on their Facebook page to find the owner. Drowning while snorkeling is the number one cause of death for visitors in Hawaii. A eunuch making website's owner has been sentenced to jail. Apple's VP of Marketing has released a statement apologizing for their recent commercial. How was Jeffrey's dentist appointment? An update to the woman's email asking for advice.

Rover is in a viral video, Charlie has a wall dedicated to his dog, ways to cut a sandwich, and more!

Rover says he is feeling better. Charlie has a wall dedicated to his dog. Outrage over Apple's latest commercial introducing their new iPad Pro. How do you pronounce pistachio? Just days after Miss USA resigned, Miss Teen USA also stepped down. Kim Kardashians unattainable waistline. Dieter is fascinated by the way this man cuts his sandwich. Jerry Seinfeld's movie, Unfrosted, got bad reviews. Rover is in the background of a viral video. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner discusses experts' opinion on Vegas alien video. 

JLR's dentist appointment, Krystle is playing kickball, Corey went on a road trip, and much more!

Jeffrey's dentist appointment is today. Reporter Gregg Doyel has an awkward interaction with Caitlin Clark during her introduction news conference. M.I.T. will no longer be requiring a diversity statement for their prospective hires. Donald Trump sleeping and farting at his trial. Krystle is playing on  a co-ed kickball team. Would a woman rather be alone in the woods with a bear or an unknown man? An update to the announcement a pastor made about his wife passing away. Corey Rotic went on a road trip.