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JLR dentist update, Brad Williams and Marlon Wayans stop by the show, and much more!

Rover has a painful bump in his neck, how much money has Krystle's sugar daddy sent, and more!

Actuating traffic lights. New law in Europe requires every car to have a speed limiter. Charlie has a device to stream to his car video screen. Rover has a painful bump in his neck. Ben Affleck's daughter, Violet, spoke about mask mandates and UV filtering. Video of the car that drove through a nail salon and killed an off-duty police officer. BBC race reporter's family was murdered by cross bow. Woman killed her sugar daddy and used his severed finger to make online purchases. How much money has Krystle received from her sugar daddy? Dieter's Conspiracy Corner discusses Project 2025. 

He's just Jeff, Charlie says leave your kids at home, OnlyFans, seven dirty words, and more!

New hair, who dis? Twitch streamer, Sketch, was outed for his past OnlyFans account. The 7 dirty words. A 4-month-old baby died after the family took their 2 kids on their boat when it was 120 degrees outside. Charlie says parents should keep their kids at home until they turn two-years-old. Football versus skydiving. A family started a GoFundMe because their autistic son ripped off a car hood ornament. George Stephanopoulos comments on Biden being in office for another term. Why did Rover obsess with radio at such a young age? JLR has a dentist appointment.

Charlie wanted to punch someone in the face, Dieter has road rage, Aperol Spritz brain, and more!

Krystle is back from Denver. Snitzer is solo for the week. Man with a machete at the airport. Rover wonders how people wake up with tons of energy, like Scott Taylor. Uber driver is arrested after an altercation with a police officer. Bhad Bhabie shared video and pictures of her being physically assaulted. Road rage. Dieter honks and yells at a driver for waiting for a firetruck. An ammo vending machine. Rover needed a distraction so he didn't poop his pants. Aperol Spritz on the mind. Keith Kennedy claims Charlie wanted to punch a guy in the face. James Bond movie scene. Would Dieter run across three crocodiles for a hlaf a million dollars?

News guy accused of scratching his balls and sniffing his fingers, Beverly Hills Cop, & more

Duji is at a dance competition in Florida.
Jeffrey screaming curse words at 5:45 talking with the news guy.
Police Officer, James Ritter, was fatally gunned down.
Mother throws newborn daughter out of a window.
Did the news guy scratch his balls and sniff his fingers.
Tractor Supply ending DEI and climate efforts after backlash.
Hollywood socialite accused of fleeing Gwyneth Paltrow's Hamptons home after catastrophic diarrhea.
Dieter watched the new Beverly Hills Cop.
South Carolina man killed in 4th of July accident after lighting off a firework on his head.

Do you know what kind of porn your significant other likes, Rover trivia, & more

Curious George quizzes the crew on how well they know Rover.
Killer mom Susan Smith is trying to get out of prison, and she has sugar daddies lined up.
Do you know what kind of porn your significant other likes game.
Did RFK Jr eat a dog?
It's Duji's birthday.

JLR says he does not need a BBL, Dieter's dad is disappointed in him, and much more!

The Vatican named a new Saint. Study determines the odds of becoming professional athlete of kids at soccer academy in Europe. Dieter thinks his dad is disappointed he didn't go pro. Rover says it is a waste of time for kids to devote themselves to a sport. Jamie Foxx explains what happened prior to his medical scare. Rover's award speech. Rick Ross was attacked after he played Kendrick Lamar's diss track. JLR says he doesn't need a BBL. Fourth of July plans. Woman is upset after she prepaid for a snow cone her daughter.  

Dieter sleeps in a separate room, sex with an inmate caught on video, carousel road trip, and more!

Dieter will sleep in a separate bedroom when him and his wife have an argument. Man claims he opened a pelican case that exploded in his lab. Calling in a gas leak to get out of a dentist appointment. Road trip to ride a carousel. Rover might not eat oysters ever again thanks to this fact. A woman in Missouri was poisoning her husband's Mountain Dew. B2 says Rover should live his life more like Charlie. Who is the best spouse on the show? A female prison guard was caught on video having sex with an inmate. Reminiscing JLR's prison guard days when he was poisoned. Cop shames a girl for calling the cops over a dispute. Dieter has a house guest, Rover helps his father-in-law, and Charlie was day drinking. 

Rover was presented an award, someone c-blocked JLR, sexual fetishes, and much more!

The Cleveland Association of Broadcasters presented Rover with an award. Charlie and Jeffrey stunned everyone with their outfits. New medical evidence in the Jerry Sandusky case. Former SPD police chief, Adrian Diaz, claims to be homosexual in a five-million-dollar sexual harassment civil lawsuit. Snitzer bailed on jury duty. Man commits suicide after people found out about his sexual fetish. Can the show predict what would be their significant other's porn choice? Jeffrey was c-blocked by a show member. A new definition for the term "rawdogging." 

Duji hung up on Rover after an altercation, Eager Beaver is worried about Snitzer, and much more!

Dieter loves the "Hawk Tuah" girl. Did you ever ask your parents how much money they made? Charlie blabbed about how much money his dad made to the wrong person. Duji hung up on Rover after they got into a verbal altercation. Spain ruled a kiss without consent is sexual assault. A radio host is suing their former employer after being fired for a social media post. Man in Vermont sued after he was pulled over by a State Trooper for flipping him the bird. Charlie is infuriated by a video he saw of off duty federal agents arresting a man at the bar. Rover thinks he could have been a successful criminal. Charlie and Snitzer were caught downtown. Eager Beaver is worried about Snitzer. The Peach Truck. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner talks about what a "cheap fake" is and why there is a hoax against President Biden.