Red Sox Get The Green Light To Wear Their Yellow Uniforms In The Playoffs

Earlier in the season when the Red Sox unveiled their special canary yellow and blue, "City Connect," uniforms, most people scratched their heads. They went away, as did the Red Sox lead in the AL East, but after finally emerging from their covid cloud, they decided to wear them again for the home series against the Orioles.

After sweeping the Orioles, the Yellow Sox took two from the Mets, extending their winning streak to seven, five of which were in yellow, so of course the team wants to wear them for their final home stand, a critical series against the Yankees this weekend.

The win streak has put the Red Sox atop the AL Wild Card race with nine games to go in the regular season, with a two-game lead over the Yankees and a 2.5 game lead over the Toronto Blue Jays. If they can hang on to that spot over the next week, the Red Sox would get to host the AL Wild Card game at Fenway Park on October 5.

Today an MLB spokesperson said the Sox would be allowed to wear their Boston Marathon inspired yellow uniforms in the post season, and if they should win the AL Wild Card Game, they would start the AL Divisional Round Series on October 11th, which is Marathon Monday! Go Yellow Sox!

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