WATCH: Did Mayweather Knock Out Paul And Hold Him Up To Keep Fight Going?


Photo: AFP

(Photo by CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images)

Floyd Mayweather openly stated his exhibition boxing match against YouTuber Logan Paul was "legalized bank robbery." And he was right! People paid money to watch these two circle the ring for 8 rounds, hugging most of the time, or with Paul throwing wild, roundhouse haymakers that didn't connect.

There were so many questions surrounding the legitimacy of this "fight," and now people are wondering if Logan Paul went lights out during the contest. There were times where it looked like Mayweather was pulling his punches, and even holding Paul up after one of his shots connected.

Look at this video, Paul seemed to go limp and Mayweather hugged his opponent, apparently keeping him from falling to the mat in order to keep the fight going.

Did Mayweather knock out Paul?

You can be the judge.