New Bill Seeks To Outlaw Dogs Sticking Heads Out Of Car Windows

Drive in country with labrador retrieve

Photo: Getty Images

Soon, it could be illegal for dogs in Florida to stick their heads out of the windows of moving vehicles.

The bill, introduced by Democratic Senator Lauren Book, also seeks make it illegal for dogs to ride on drivers' laps, in front of a motorcycle operator or on the hood or in the trunks of moving vehicles. As if that isn't enough, it also calls for dogs being transported in vehicles to be crated, strapped in or physically restrained by a passenger.

However, after fending off a steady stream of backlash over the proposed law, Book is considering changes, says spokeswoman Claire VanSusteren. "This is not something Floridians want," she says.

Have you ever heard of a dog getting injured by sticking its head out a car window?

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