Here's Why The Sky Is So Hazy Over The Cleveland Area This Week


Photo: Getty Images

Clevelanders likely saw a notably-hazy sky cast over Northeast Ohio on Monday morning (July 19).

If they’re wondering why the sky was so hazy, the National Weather Service has them covered.

Retweeting its counterpart from Charleston, West Virginia, the National Weather Service Cleveland offered an explanation for the haziness, and noted that air quality will remain safe as the haze sticks around over the course of this week:

“Wondering why it's so hazy today? The smoke will not affect air quality across our area since it's so high up in the atmosphere. This will likely stick around for the next few days.”

According to the National Weather Service of Charleston, West Virginia:

“We told you it was coming yesterday, now check out the hazy appearance to the GOES-16 GeoColor imagery over the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley. That's smoke from wildfires out west.It's high up in the atmosphere so it'll produce a hazy looking sky and some pretty sunrises/sunsets.”
“Skies will become increasingly hazy through the first half of the week as smoke from fires across the Pacific Northwest and Manitoba continues to migrate into the region.”

Other areas of the Midwest are also experiencing haziness. The National Weather Service Chicago explained the hazy sky after warning drivers to slow down and leave distance amid “pockets of dense fog” in the morning.

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