Lady Gaga Reveals Which 'Chromatica' Song She Loves 'More Than Anything'

Lady Gaga opened up about her most beloved track on her new album.

In an interview with American Songwriter, the pop star spoke at length on the recording process behind her sixth studio album, Chromatica, and also revealed the song she loves “more than anything” is “Sine From Above,” which features the iconic Rocket Man himself, Elton John.

“Oh, Elton’s family. It’s wonderful working with Elton,” she started. “He had started [the song] first and then he sent it over and I listened to it and I loved it and then I finished it and I sent I back and I said, ‘Do you like it, do you like it?’ He loved it.”

“We decided to record it and it became so special,” she recalled. “I love that song more than anything. I remember when we were finishing it, I was hard – I pressed on all the guys to make it like almost speed-core at the end. Just this sonic explosion. It was because I wanted to – I wanted this song to have a range, where it began in a very organic, melodic way and then it ended in some sort of cacophony. A cacophony that I’m now comfortable with.”

Describing the song’s message of “resilience,” Gaga said: “I think, you know, when you go through hard things, it’s not necessarily about those hard things begin over for you to be okay. I think it’s about you being okay with the hard things. It’s building resilience. ‘Sine From About’ is so much about resilience.”

As yet, Gaga has only issued three singles from Chromatica, including “Stupid Love,” her collab with Grande, and most recently, “911,” which received the music video treatment just a few weeks ago.

Photo: Getty Images