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Twisted Sister's Dee Snider says the group isn't behind the creation of new documentary about the band, but they're giving it their stamp of approval.  In a video on the film's webpage, Snider explains that all the credit goes to filmmaker Andy Horn, who wasn't a Twisted Sister fan when he started the project. 

Snider adds that since Horn didn't approach the movie from a fan's perspective it's genuine, and not simply a piece of band-generated propaganda. 

The rocker also says the movie is very inspiring.  He admits that seeing some of Horn's footage of the group from the 1970 prompted him to lose weight and get in shape so he could once again "get out there and rock the way God intended" them to rock. 

Dee is also hoping his appeal will inspire people to donate to the project.  Horn is trying to raise $150,000 so he can distribute the film and get it on the festival circuit.  The group is assisting in the effort with incentives. 

A member of Twisted Sister will record the outgoing voicemail message to the first 25 people who donate $500.  The first four people who give $1,200 dollars will be treated to lunch with Jay Jay French, while the first person to contribute $5,000 will get to bring three friends to a dinner with Snider. 

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