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Styx drummer Todd Sucherman has missed the band's recent shows.  But he's had a good reason. 

The rocker and his wife, Taylor, have been busy welcoming a new member of the family.  Sucherman announced on his Facebook page that little Teagan Everly Sucherman made her arrival into the world Friday afternoon, which was "a most amazing experience." 



Styx tapped drummer Kenny Aronoff to fill in so Todd could be home for the birth of his daughter. Styx frontman Tommy Shaw is using his Facebook page to thank Kenny for what he brought to the shows and for "being so flexible." 

Aronoff tells Teagan arrived a little earlier than expected.  He explains that he'd planned to spend two-and-a-half-weeks getting ready for the shows, but ended up only getting three days of prep time.  But Kenny says he didn't mind the sudden change of plans.  He adds that the guys in Styx are "a class act," calling them "the finest musicians around" who "appreciate it very much."

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