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New information tracking the whereabouts of Casey Kasem's remains suggest the radio icon's body may be in Montreal.  According to the Canadian Press, a death certificate filed in Washington State court last Tuesday listed the Canadian funeral home Urgel Bourgie as the place where Kasem's remains were sent on July 14th.  The funeral home, however, says it has no record of Kasem's remains being at the facility but the Funeral Service Association of Canada also says it generally doesn't release such information, citing Canada's Privacy Act.  

The President of the Washington State funeral home where Kasem's remains were housed prior tells the Canadian Press he personally made sure the body was put on the flight to Montreal last Monday.  Corey Gaffney also disputes reports suggesting that Kasem's body is missing, saying he confirmed it arrived in Montreal.  The "American Top 40" DJ passed away on June 15th after a long illness and bitter family feud over his care.  

PHOTO: Getty Images